Immigration Lawyers Help with Temporary Visas

Are you overwhelmed by the number of immigration visa options? Do you have a large number of employees to manage and sponsor for employment-based immigration to the U.S.? Trust Challa Law for all of your employment-based, temporary, and permanent resident visas for business professionals. Our team is here to assist companies and individuals looking for a reliable team of lawyers to represent client needs for visas and residential status changes. The attorneys and staff at our office work tirelessly to provide you with the right temporary or permanent visas according to your specific status. Every case is different and we treat yours as such. We have a staff that is multilingual and able to speak with clients in English, Spanish, Hindi, Urdu, and Telugu. Reach out to us for sophisticated, seamless immigration legal services including help with temporary visas in Richmond, VA. Our practice is based in immigration law for the business professional or company looking for the right employment-based visa.

Get More than Just Immigration and Permanent Visas Assistance
Throughout our years of service, we have taken great care to select team members who have a passion for legal services. We have worked with clients living in or moving from all corners of the globe. While we do everything we can to get your clients the right employment-based, temporary, or permanent visas, we also distinguish ourselves from other law firms. The qualities our firm has that make us stand out from others include:

  • We outline strategies for clients so they are made aware of every step in the process.
  • We have an online case management system for employment-based visa information.
  • Our online system allows our clients to check the status of their current cases and run different types of reports.
  • Our online system also allows beneficiaries/employees to check on the status of their individual case.
  • We update clients on the relevant legislative changes that could alter their case.
  • We update clients concerning any relevant permanent resident visa news that may alter their case in any way.
  • Excellent customer service is the cornerstone of our practice.
  • Our attorneys have 20 years of combined experience and never forget they are service-oriented.
  • We use technology and service to ensure our clients meet their objectives.
  • Our staff has multilingual capabilities to meet the needs of our international clients.
  • Our staff members have lived overseas in places like Japan, Germany, Spain, Pakistan, China, the United Kingdom, and India.

Get Immigration Resources for Employment-Based Visas
The field we specialize in is immigration law. This means it is our true passion and every gain we make in your case is a gain we share with you. From working to increase the number of approvals you get to represent your needs to the courts, come to us for help. Citizenship, especially through a permanent visa obtained through the employment-based immigration category is powerful. Let us facilitate all aspects of your global business operation and immigration assistance.

Establish Your Company in the United States with Our Help
In addition to immigration law, we also assist international companies or individuals looking to set up their business in the United States. This is especially crucial in establishing yourself within the bounds of the law in a new country. We protect your company’s assets and revenue by providing you with the right advice for your specific situation. We have helped clients in fields including biomedical and pharmaceutical industries, information technology, and even the healthcare sector. Our company works with organizations of all sizes.

Contact us to speak with one of our multilingual staff members concerning temporary visas today. We are proud to serve clients in Richmond, VA, and the surrounding areas through the use of our unique international perspective.